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Have you been feeling like there’s something bigger and better out there?  In these past few months, I’ve been watching my friend’s social media profiles and see many questions about something greater in terms of purpose, career, and calling.  I have also been having some of the same questions, like what is next? I call this the cocooning stage.  The stage of preparation for the next best thing.  This doesn’t mean that you’ll leave your career or maybe it does.  Honestly, it’s more of an alignment of the things that matter that bring you joy.

I want to encourage those of you who are at the crossroads of wanting the alignment of your gifts, purpose, and calling.  To align, critical self-reflection is key.  In this phase, it is very important that you listen to the windows of your soul.  Here are a few questions to ask if you feel you are restless in terms of the next steps in your life:

    •    How do I cherish the relationship I have with myself? Does my self-dialogue lean towards the positive or negative?
    •    My top 10 characteristics about myself are….
    •    What is my routine of reflection and gaining new insight?
    •    What was my dream goal/job when I was younger?  Have I veered from that dream? Why did I veer from that dream?
    •    What brings joy and peace if money was not a concern?

These are just a few to jump start the process of alignment with what you desire and what you’re feeling. I want you to be encouraged because if you’re feeling restless, your spirit is sending you a signal that a shifting needs to take place.  This is a good thing in my opinion.  Change is good.  It’s not easy, but it’s much needed for things to progress.  SO be encouraged to start reflecting and get at the root of what you need to do that brings you into alignment with your gifts, talents, and purpose which ultimately will benefit many others then you can imagine.

There’s a scripture that says your gift makes room for you.  I wholeheartedly believe this.  In making room for you it also prepares the way for others because someone is waiting on you to align because they need what you have. Alignment is the first step to activation.  I wish you well in aligning.  As always, I am here as a resource.  Happy aligning and I can’t wait to see how things pan out for you.

Blessings and Love y’all double time®

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