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Hi, I am Aamaree Arrington, originally from Long Island NY. I am fifteen years old and in the 9th grade. I live with my grandma after coming to Toledo about a year and a half ago with my mom who moved here for school and work. I go to Start High school and it has been a complete roller coaster ride, not like the plain kiddie ones either. It’s been more like the ones that have ten loops, a couple ups
and downs with some twirling all around. High school has been an awakening. The amount of responsibility, understanding,
 and patience you need for high school never ceases to amaze me.

I have met so many people recently that prior to moving here I would’ve never imagined speaking to. That’s another thing about high school, it has taken me so far out of my comfort zone that my memories of comfort have started to fade away. That’s a topic for another time though. There is so much more to high school than people tend to acknowledge. There’s more to it than just doing the classwork.

My dream career is in Law. I would love to be a lawyer someday defending citizens that feel they have no voice in the legal system. Some feel that the legal system is so corrupt that I’m led to believe that finding the right path for me to study will take a while to figure out. But for now, and in my writings, I will be getting down into the nitty gritty of the unspoken truths of high school.

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