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Fashion model, traveling yoga teacher, birthing doula, entrepreneur, 90’s R&B fanatic, and multi-passionate creative woman are just a few characteristics that would describe me. My name is Jada Elease. I am honored to be featured as the Stalwart’s newest
arts journalist. I will cover all things art, fashion, and creativity bringing to light all the hidden gems around our city. Born and raised Toledo, Ohio, this beautiful city we call home, my love for the arts started at an early age.

It grew even more during junior high school when I was accepted into Toledo School for the Arts. I majored in dance but learned to appreciate the arts for more than just a dance, a simple song, or a picture on a wall. Creativity is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that embraces individuality and fluidity. I finished my high school education at Toledo School for the Arts and after graduation, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where I extended my education at Cleveland State University. With a major in child psychology and a minor in dance, I was able to shift my passion into something that allowed me to use movement to help others.

Things started to transition in the world when Covid-19 made an appearance, and we were all forced to stay inside. It was then that I lost touch with all things creative. In a way I lost myself. Until one day, I was invited to a social distance artist meet up with other creatives from the Toledo area. At that moment I realized art isn’t dead, and neither was the artist inside of me. I promised myself from that day on, to not only embrace my individuality and creativity, but to help others do the same. This opened me up to so many creative spaces around the city, that I didn’t even know existed.

Shortly after, I began to model and create with other artists in the city but I was still missing an important part of who I was, movement. That’s when I fell in love with yoga. I later became a traveling yoga teacher, and most recently a certified birthing doula. Taking a leap of faith, I started my own yoga business called Body and Sol and I will be soon adding birth work under the Body and Sol umbrella. My purpose is to open doors that will allow others to discover and embrace all thing creative.

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