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When do most athletes get better?  Most athletes get better during the off season.  While the “off season” may look different for various reasons, we can agree that the time to enhance skill and “will” takes place during long hours in the gym, on the field, or wherever your child’s favorite sport takes place.  As a former high school athlete, coach and parent, I found that during the summer months, it was very difficult to manage a 3 sport athlete in football, basketball and baseball because many of these sports had their off season during this time.  Although there are many other sports that I could have mentioned, I only have perspective with these three sports.  However, you can easily interchange those three sports with any other sport(s).

Consequently, when do most teachers get better?  Aha! They get better during their off season as well!  That off season takes place during the summer when teachers attend book studies, attend conferences, or catch up in accruing their CEU’s (continuing education units).

So what does it mean to “get better”?  Getting Better means identifying areas of improvement and strategically creating a plan to make those areas of improvement, areas of strength.  Once those areas of strength are part of your everyday routine, then repeat the cycle.  Continue to have a mindset that there are always areas of improvement.  However, once you begin to believe that you no longer have areas to improve, realistically anticipate that your career and skill level will inevitably diminish.

As a former basketball, football and baseball coach from pre-k to high school, it was my plan that not only did my athletes work on increasing their skill, but also increasing their will.  When a teacher and athlete have phenomenal skill and will, then they will increase their chances of being an extraordinary athlete and educator.  During this time of creating a grander version of themselves, one must understand and be prepared that as the educator and athlete “get better”, they will face adversity.  Anything that grows will face the elements of life.  That may come in the form of doubt, anxiety, depression, fear, anger; all of which are constricting and debilitating.  An athlete or educator may face all or some of these emotions in spurts, intermittently or all at the same time.

Therefore, providing educators and athletes the resources and strategies to create antecedent interventions (creating solutions before the problem occurs) will assist in preparation for the upcoming season and school year.  AB Education and Behavior Consulting LLC is currently providing a program designed to assist athletes and educators deal with the “elements” they will face as they grow into the greatest version of themselves.

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