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Tehree Horn: The Rising Star Athlete



Tehree Horn (#2) is a 6 foot 4in collegiate athlete at University of South Carolina Aiken. He was the team leading scorer averaging 16 points per game also leading the team in rebounds. He led his team to a regular season championship victory. During the season,  Tehree was selected for first team all conference, second team all region and second team all district. He was voted MVP of his team and most likely to land in Sports Illustrated. He was also voted Male Athlete of the Year, over all male athletes in any sport. By winning Male Athlete of the year, his picture will be placed in the Convocation Center on campus. Tehree is a passionate player that puts his blood sweat and tears into his game. His accolades are a small reflection of his dedication to his basketball ambitions.

    •    How did you start playing basketball?
     My father introduced me to basketball at a young age and I fell in love with it. My first team was the Toledo bulls. The competitive environment allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

    •    What motivates you every game?
I have an obsession with winning which makes me very competitive. Every time I step on the court I am defending my name and my team. I love the game and work very hard to get better. Winning is what motivates me to play hard every game.  

    •    Would you consider yourself a team leader, if so how do you hold your team accountable?
I would consider myself a team leader and I believe my teammates would as well. I do my best to lead on and off the court. I work hard in hopes of motivating my team. I push them to meet team expectations.

    •    How do you think your game has improved from high school to college?
My game has improved all around since playing at Southview High School. On a basic level, I am more mature and have more athleticism. My scoring skills have increased. Also, my ability to see the floor and overall decision making has developed.

    •    What are you most proud to have accomplished this season?
I am extremely proud to have won the regular season championship this year. That was a huge accomplishment for my team. I also scored my one thousandth point at USCA during the championship on senior night which was extremely special to me because I did not have the opportunity to reach that goal in high school.

    •    How did your coach prepare you all for this season?
My coaches prepared me by pushing me. My coaches have extremely high standards for me. He demands that I give my best every practice and game. Coach Vanderslice, along with all the coaching staff challenged me to be a better player and leader throughout my career at Aiken.

    •    Who is your support system?
My support system is my family. My father, Johnny Horn, is extremely supportive. He has never missed one of my games and helps me get better. My dad even makes special road trips to my games in Aiken, South Carolina (and other places) and will drive back the same day just to support me. My family will watch my games from home if they cannot be there. Extremely thankful for my family for always being there for me.

    •    What advice would you give to young student athletes who want to play in college?
Anyone who wants to play at the collegiate level needs to separate themselves through work ethic, consistency and discipline. You have to chase what you want and play every game like it is your last. You need to stay focused on your goal and never lose sight because distraction creates distance from your goals.


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