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He is a WBO Boxing Champion and is ranked #3 in the world in the Super Featherweight division. This is the career he has chosen because he loves it, is dedicated to it, and he’s good at it.  Albert Prince Bell has been boxing since the age of eight after being invited to an amateur boxing exhibition in Columbus, Ohio where he won his first fight. He was introduced to the sport by his father Andy Bell, a former boxer himself and Albert’s coach.  Albert has been in love with the sport ever since that first win and he is absolutely focused on attaining the top prize. With a record of 24-0, he looks forward to the day when he becomes #1!  As he continues his journey towards that day, Albert is grateful for the support of his hometown and is working hard in his beloved gym, Toledo’s Central City Boxing Gym.

Today, the sport of Boxing has four recognized major bodies, the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO. Mr. Bell holds the Super Featherweight Championship title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).  The world rankings is a function of and recognized by all four bodies combined.

Toledo has also produced several notable boxers in the mid-20th century, including IBF Super-Middleweight Champion Lindell Holmes.  Another great was Wilbert ‘Skeeter’ McClure who won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympics held in Rome Italy where his roommate was the one and only, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.  After retirement from the sport, Skeeter went on to earn a doctorate degree from Wayne State University in psychology.  

More recently, Toledo has been home to several successful professional boxers, including World Champion Robert Easter Jr. Easter, born in Toledo, won the IBF Lightweight title in 2016 and successfully defended it twice before losing it to Mikey Garcia in 2018.

Today, in addition to Albert, we have other young Toledo natives that are making a splash on the boxing scene. Tyler McCreary is currently ranked #5 in the world by the WBA in the Featherweight division.  And moving up the Heavyweight class quickly is Jared Anderson.  Anderson will be boxing at the Huntington Center on July 1st as he works toward winning a belt.  These Toledo boxing greats inspire our youth through their success and Albert is one of the best at it.  When he is not focused on training for a fight, Albert works with children at the gym where he trains. There, the children get homework assistance, mentoring from the team of coaches and boxing instruction.  Albert takes pride in being part of a system of positivity by providing hope to those in need of guidance.

Albert’s own sense of security was rooted in his mother Robin’s love and when she passed away just months ago, Albert was impacted greatly.  Albert acknowledges that the strength and confidence that comes from the love of a mother and father is priceless, and he tries to provide some of that to children that visit the gym. He shares stories with them. Gives boxing lessons and just lends an ear when they need it.  By giving back in this way, Albert carries on the light of Robin’s love for family which she gifted to Albert and his siblings Andrew, Brandon, Monique, Andrea and Celetha.

When he is not in the gym, Albert spends most of his time with his family, which is extremely important to him.  After he won last month in a match held at the Glass City Center here in Toledo, he is now one step closer to fighting for the world title. He realizes his success is a culmination of the time and guidance from his team that has been in his corner, both literally and figuratively including his father Andy Bell, and manager Vik Green. There are so many other people and organizations in the city that continue to support him, and he is thankful to all of them.

Our city has produced great sports figures over the years and Albert is excited to support those that are on their journey today.  You can find him visiting with Zia Cooke now with the WNBA LA Sparks, with Heavyweight phenom Jared Anderson, Tyler McCreary and others. Toledo should be proud and support young people that are spending their time focusing on being the best at what they do – to be Champions! With our support, who knows how high they will fly!  We support you, Albert.  And we wish you success in your next bout later this year.

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