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What does it mean to be an Artist?



To understand and appreciate art, you must first understand the meaning of the word. The Oxford Dictionary is a notable organization that defines Art as a skill, craft, or technique, typically one acquired through practice. Now what does it mean to be an Artist? Google defines an Artist as, a person who practices any of the various Creative Arts. And yes, people who dabble in the creative side of art are referred to as Artists, but I believe anybody can be one based on the definition of the base of the word, art.

To me, being an Artist means being in connection with the flow of life. Being able to transmute our feelings/perspectives into something for the world to experience. I feel closest to God when I’m creating. Taking time during your day to turn inward and dream can be very beneficial” says Isabella Weik – Toledo Ambassador and Musician.

It is my perspective that everyone can be an Artist despite not being involved in the creative side of Art. Now there are levels to skill and I’m not saying we can all be the next Picasso or Michelangelo, because they are individuals and their skills unique to their gifts and experience. Just like there is only one you. But the more you practice your chosen craft and develop your skills, the better Artist you become.

Mariah Maddox, a local Visual Storyteller and Author describes her viewpoint as this: “Being an artist means being vulnerable because what you create is a reflection of you. That’s why most creative artists (painters, dancers, etc.) have their own style. Especially when they’re being true to themselves, and not trying to follow the crowd. It means taking something that God instilled into you and figuring out ways to display it outwardly and share it as a gift to others.”

Let’s look at the concept of using God-given talents to share with others. Would you consider Surgeons, Therapists, Pilots, or even Public Speakers as Artists? I would. The level of skill some have acquired through education and experience is what makes them special. They are Artists in their own lane.

To be an Artist is to bring life to your perception of the world around you. To me, it means I have the ability to express myself through a medium that communicates those perceptions in a way words cannot. The scope of an Artist is so dynamic and diverse anyone is capable of being one, as long as they are willing to suspend their disbeliefs a little bit or rather suspend the disbelief of others through their work or passion. Being an Artist is scary, it’s vulnerable, it’s exposing yourself to criticism, and being open to revealing a part of yourself to the world. I think what makes an artist is the declaration of it, and by declaring it, I am allowing myself to being open to creating and gifting the world my talents”. This is the viewpoint of Jedah McGee, Documentarian and Photographer.

Being able to shift your perspective of what it means to be an Artist will allow you to open your mind, appreciate yourself and the people around you in a different light. Not everyone possesses the same skills and dreams you have. Now what you do with them, is up to you. Embrace them, be vulnerable and change the world around you.

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